Body Scrub

Body Scrub

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 After many hours of research I picked these top 4 ingredients to create my amazing body scrub. Using a body scrub stimulates blood flow and assists in regenerating new skin cells, leaving you feeling softer than ever. 

Organic Honey: Honey is a natural moisturizer. It contains antibacterial & ain't-fungal properties.

Cold processed Coconut oil: contains vitamin E, essential amino acids, lauric & caprylic acids which form part of the barrier function of the skin. 

Colloidal Oatmeal: Reduces inflammation, soothes bug bites, burns and other skin irritations. Helps relieve symptoms of eczema by moisturizing the skin. 

Organic Sugar: Encourages cell turn over while it gently polishes away dead cells for a radiant appearance.

Directions, Apply to damp skin in an upward circular motion anywhere exfoliation is needed. Rince and repeat if your really crusty.

This is NOT a vegan product. I have verified that my sources of honey and/beeswax is ethically harvested.